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carolinas based photographer

i live for the days that i can get outside and take in all the amazing sights mamma earth has to offer. i’m a little rebellious and like to play by my own rules, so a few years ago i dropped out of college and moved to oahu. i’ve never been happier than when i was there, spending just about every free minute exploring nature on the island. this is where my love of photography bloomed. from there on out, i’ve been obsessed with capturing the special little moments that we too often take for granted, and am constantly being inspired by the world around us.

i’m gonna be honest, i am not a crazy athletic hiker/climber/other sporty person like some of the photographers you might have come across. you won’t catch me climbing 14ers or anything like that anytime soon (but maybe one day). however, i believe the outdoors are for everyone to enjoy in whatever way you can. it’s a space to really connect to yourself and the people around you, and be present in that moment. that’s what makes the outdoors such an epic place to get married. all of this is what’s lead me to helping and capturing couples getting married in an intentional and authentic way, in some freaking stunning locations!

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GOLDEN LIGHT / scenic drives / sunsets
coastal towns / soft colors / music
good coffee / PICNICS / little glances
blue mountains / LOVE STORIES / SANDY TOES

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