my philosophy

imagine you and your partner’s most perfect day, and forget about whether it feels unrealistic or not. is it sailing through the mediterranean? picnicking at your favorite park? exploring waterfalls in hawai’i? ok, now imagine getting married at the end of that perfect day. just you and the love of your life, and maybe a few of your favorite people, all celebrating your beautiful relationship. no pressure, no expectations, no stress. it can’t get any better than that, right??

i want you to feel empowered to ditch tradition and have the day you truly desire. if you don't want to get married in a church, then don't. if you don't want to invite 200 of your closest friends, then don't. you are completely free to have the wedding day of your freaking dreams.

let's put the focus back on what's truly important- celebrating your love story in the most authentic way possible.

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what's your editing style?

my editing style is warm and natural. i like to keep colors reflective of how they actually looked on that day, and then add a bit of a golden glow to the images! i don't stray away from sun-flares and haze, especially with early golden hour shoots.

what exactly is an elopement?

elopements aren’t just for running away and getting married in an elvis chapel in vegas anymore (although that’s totally rad if that’s what you want to do and i’m 100% down to capture that). they’re a way to celebrate your love and commitment in the way that you want to, with no need to worry about seating arrangements and how much it costs to feed 200 people you barely know. your elopement should be the manifestation of you and your partner’s perfect day, a day 100% focused on your love and commitment to each other. 
true elopements traditionally have no guests, but the industry is expanding to consider weddings with under 20 guests an "elopement".

do you only shoot elopements?

nope! i love elopements, but also shoot weddings with under 50 guests! if i think we're a great match, i'll also take a few bigger weddings every year. 

we're awkward in front of the camera...

everyone feels awkward in front of the camera, but don't worry at all! i want to get to know the two of you and how you interact, so that i can guide and pose you in a way that feels natural. throughout our shoot, i'll ask you to move and play so that i can capture your authentic selves. i don't want you to force a smile and stare at my lens, with me it's all about true moments!

Let's do this! How do I book?

heck yea! hop on over to my inquiry page, fill out the form, and i'll get back to you within 48 hours! after we chat and make sure we're a good fit for each other, i ask for a 30% retainer and signed contract. from there, i'll send over a questionnaire to get to know more about you and your partner and how i can help plan the perfect day for you!

fill out my contact form

01. inquire

reach out and tell me all about your dream wedding day or your vision for adventurous couple's photos.

phone call or big emails

02. let's chat

let's chat and get to know each other and tell me all the details that you're dreaming up! i also want to find out what makes your relationship unique in order to photograph you as authentically as possible!

access to my planning guides

03. plan

once i learn about the two of you, your location preferences, and your vision of your perfect day, i'll use this info to help assist you with planning. i'm here to help you in any way you need! this also includes permit assistance, travel logistics, and anything else you need some help with! plus, you get exclusive access to my 100+ page elopement planning guide.

your intentional day

04. shoot

when your big day comes i’ll be there to photograph all of your special moments and help make sure things run as smoothly as possible! i'm there to capture all of your authentic, beautiful, and wild moments just as they happen, so you can look back and remember exactly how this day felt.

Local Elopements + small Weddings

for those who want to break the rules and create a day that feels like them. from  beautiful beaches to a backyard wedding, your day can be anything you dream up! i’ll be be your side to help you plan it all and then capture your amazing day.

average investment: $2400

destination elopements + small weddings

average investment: $3,600

for vagabond dreamers who want to tie the knot somewhere special. this is your chance to realize your craziest dreams. get married on a yacht, under a waterfall, in a coastal town in the mediterranean, where ever! as always, i'll be there to help you plan it all.

couple's sessions

not getting married but still want to celebrate your love? i’ll third wheel and capture your date, whether that’s a coffee date by the river, running by the ocean, or just taking it slow in your backyard. i’ll capture the candid and real moments that reflect your relationship, it’s all about your authentic and selves.

average investment: $450

adventure sessions

average investment: $550

ready to go on an adventure?? spend the day doing whatever brings the two of you the most joy, whether that's hiking, having a picnic on the beach, brewery hopping, whatever! tell me your vision and i can help you plan to bring it all to life.